Retiring firefighter receives congratulations from Hollywood star Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford (Isabel Infantes/PA)
Harrison Ford (Isabel Infantes/PA)
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A member of the London Fire Brigade (LFB) was given a retirement present he is unlikely to forget – a surprise visit from Hollywood megastar Harrison Ford.

The LFB’s Blue Watch had just finished roll call at around 8pm on Saturday evening when the Star Wars actor got out of a car outside the station.

Station Officer Ryan Osborne struck up conversation with the actor, whose major roles include Indiana Jones before introducing him to Andrew Shaw – who has carried out 31 years of service for the LFB.

Ford, 79, spoke with Mr Shaw for a while and wished him well with his retirement.

After the encounter, Mr Osborne said: “It was a pleasure to be able to say farewell to Andrew on his last shift with the impromptu help of Han Solo

“Being based at a busy central London location we do sometimes see famous faces passing by, and this just happened to be perfect timing.”

The LFB Twitter account later tweeted: Woah, not often Indiana Jones pops by to wish you well on your retirement!

“A treat for crews at @LFBWestminster when Hollywood star Harrison Ford paid them a surprise visit.

The Westminster LFB account added: “Han Solo comes to Soho ! Mr Ford was kind enough to congratulate Firefighter Andrew Shaw on his last night shift for 31 years of service.”

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