Home Office forced to defend ‘out of touch’ new lockdown advert
UK Home Office

“Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives” are seven words that send a chilling reminder of the dire effects of Covid-19.

Since last March, we’ve heard the phrase constantly repeated at Downing Street press conferences.

What could make it more engaging? Well, the people at the Home Office believe that putting it to bass-heavy rave music would do the trick.

One can only assume that the intended effect of the video – which reiterates the current lockdown lockdown rules – was to ensure people do their bit to stop the spread of coronavirus. Instead, most just found the video funny.

Some find it funny, others suggest the tone completely misses the fear of the deadly virus coupled with the isolation that people are currently experiencing.

People have also jumped forwards to note that this ad misread the tone of the nation, but also misread the current set of restrictions.

Not all gatherings are currently illegal, with distanced exercise, childcare arrangements (in some circumstances) funerals, for communal worship, and to facilitate moving home.

The Home Office has defended the clip in a statement to Sky News, saying that they “make absolutely no apologies for encouraging people to follow the rules during a global pandemic”.

"This video refers to illegal social gatherings which should not be taking place,” a spokesperson said. “Everyone has a part to play to help protect the NHS and save lives.”

Of course, everyone does need to stay home – unless it’s essential – to protect the health service and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Did we expect that to be communicated to the theme of an anti-pirating ad from the mid-2000s? Maybe not.

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