It's easy to get bogged down in the negative news cycle, so when something like this comes along, it's hard for it not to brighten your day.

A homeless man from Tallahesse, Florida, has been offered a job at McDonald's after a police officer helped him shave and look presentable for the interview.

In July, police officer Tony Carlson kindly stepped in when homeless man Phil was told that he could get an interview in McDonald's, if he appeared for work clean shaven.

Phil managed to buy the razor, but the police officer spotted him struggling with it in a petrol station.

So, in a random act of kindness, Tony stepped in, and helped to shave off the rest of his beard. When the act was caught on camera, needless to say, it soon went viral after it was posted to Facebook.

In a statement on the Tallahassee Police Department Facebook page, LadBible reports that police officer Carlson described what happened:

I saw [a man], who turned out to be Phil, out front trying to shave, having some trouble with his razor.

As I got out of my car, he asked me if I knew anything about fixing a razor, because it was broken, and if I could look at it.

For whatever reason, instead of just getting in my car and leaving, I went over there and I looked at it, and it was missing a screw.

Not long after the footage began doing the rounds, the tale took another turn for the better, when Phil was offered the job in a McDonalds restaurant.

In a series of tweets, the department said:

In another, they wrote:

LadBiblealso reports that Tony remained humble, even after his act of kindness went viral:

I like to think of us more as peace officers first, law enforcement officers second. You go to a scene and you try to resolve it with a positive ending, and something that's gonna last.

There's a time and place to arrest people and take them to jail, of course, but if you can help and fix the situation to [help] it get better, the chances are you're not gonna have to come back out there later. 

Phil is obviously smashing it at his new job, proving that dedication, hard work, and perseverance really can pay off, with a little kindness to boost you along the way.

HT Ladbible

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