A new project which aims to keep homeless people warm in the winter has been launched in cities across the country.

It’s called the Hot Water Bottle Network.

Hot water bottles donated by members of the public are hung on trees and come with a note showing which local businesses have signed up to the project, and directions to find them.

Volunteers hung the hot water bottles on trees in Bristol, Bath, Leicester, Manchester and Brighton. Community volunteer groups are setting up similar initiatives in Nottingham, Cardiff and London.

Peter Wentland, who runs the Bristol branch, told i News:

It’s already on the streets. We are taking this action as an emergency measure to try to make the winter that tiny bit more bearable for those who face the worst brunt of it.

The difference in having a hot water bottle can be the difference between life and death.

The Cardiff group are feeling positive about the project, and on its Facebook wrote, wrote:

In encouraging local businesses to help rough sleepers we hope for a breaking down of the barriers that separate us through opening doors and standing for unity within our community.

There’s a justgiving page set up to help raise £300 to buy hot water bottles and other warm gear to distribute to people living on the street.

The network, which started in Brighton and branched out, has come at the perfect time.

Weather experts predict snow storms to hit Britain in the coming months.

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