This man's homophobia was unmasked when his date suggested his dog might be 'gay'

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A number of studies have revealed that those who are comfortable in their sexuality don't mind if they're called gay. Those that are insecure, however, are more likely to respond in a negative and homophobic way.

If this is true, then this woman's exchange with her date is the perfect example of someone that's pretty uncomfortable with their own sexuality, and resorting to homophobia.

At the suggestion that his dog might be gay, this man totally freaks out.

Twitter user Chaselyn shared a screenshot of one of her friend's conversations with her date. When her friend suggested that her date's dog might be gay, he responded in the most passive aggressive way possible.

The conversation went as follows: ​​

Chaselyn’s friend: Maybe he’s gay

Eric: He is definitely not gay

CF: [How] do you know

Eric: Because I do

CF: How?

Eric: Lol look. He’s NOT gay. I don’t believe in that silly shit anyway

CF: Are you homophobic[?]

Eric: No but don’t call him gay. Even imposing that idea is trying to create something that’s not there

CF: You sound homophobic

Eric: You must be slow. You’re calling my dog gay when you don’t know me and you don’t know him. You’re forcing the fucking idea of him being gay when that was never being spoken about. So stop trying to impose your ideas on my life and my animal. Period.

Wow, OK, that's an extremely touchy response.

Needless to say, Twitter had some excellent responses to the now viral tweet, which has had more than 10,000 retweets, calling out the blatant homophobia.

Many people said that they think their dogs are gay, and that they're supportive of this.

Then people began discussing their cats.

Other people expressed their sympathy for the dog in question.

And noticed the extreme anger shown.

And some the 'fragile masculinity'.

The 'gay dog' even has its own twitter account now.

Then the gifs got involved.

All in all, some were simply supportive of whatever their dogs want to be.


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