Hospital staff get baked potato as a 'Christmas bonus' from work

Hospital staff get baked potato as a 'Christmas bonus' from work

Twitter/X user Amanda B shared a photo of her $15 'hospital potato' bonus


‘Tis the season to celebrate our loved ones, and also for employers to show how much they care.

Whether by throwing a Christmas bash or handing out extra cash, businesses around the world are broadly expected to offer their dedicated staff a festive token of their appreciation.

And who deserves more recognition than the workers who keep our healthcare systems afloat?

Yet, the senior management team at one hospital apparently decided that rather than boost their staff’s pay or treat them to a slap-up meal, they would provide them with…


The questionable move was broadcast to social media by an X/Twitter user who calls herself Amanda B.

She explained dejectedly: “My work is doing a potato bar as our Christmas bonus. I’m literally getting a hospital potato as a bonus.”

She then added: “They also said it has a $15 (£11.85) value so it will be taxed on our next check. Does anyone need an assistant so I can just quit right now?”

Her tweet racked up more than 2.7 million views and 48,000 likes in one week, as users shared their fury at her bosses’ “Dickens villain”-style behaviour.

Still, in defence of her employer, Amanda admitted that the humble spud was an improvement on the previous year’s gift: a 30-minute video conference call with the leadership team.

“It was a Webex because the year before they had to be in the same room with us and they're too good and not doing that again,” she added.

She then shared a picture of her “$15 taxed potato” which appeared to be modestly stuffed with a mixture of grated cheeses topped with a dollop of sour cream and some seasoning.

Suffice it to say, viewers weren’t impressed.

A number commented on how small it looked, while others suggested she should have loaded it with “$40-worth of toppings”.

“They were topping them for us,” she responded.

Meanwhile, another commentator pointed out: “The cost of ingredients to make this is like $3 per potato. As if it wasn’t bad enough, they’re likely profiting off of you and everyone else.”

And another lamented: “I had no idea a baked potato could be offensive. But here we are.”

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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