Watch the exact moment a house collapses into a Chinese river in seconds

Evie Breese@Evie_Breese
Saturday 13 June 2020 07:15
(Screengrab: Twitter)

Terrifying footage from China has captured the moment an entire home falls into a fiver.

The three story house begins to slide down the bank into the river, picking up speed as it crashed into the water.

In the background you can just about make out shouts and cheers as the house begins to move.

Floods have caused major mudslides and damage across southern China to villages already affected by coronavirus. Hundreds of thousands of people have been uprooted from their homes according to official state news agency Xinhua.

The house, located in the popular tourist region of Guangxi, is an area particularly affected by the floods. In southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, six people were reported dead and three missing, Xinhua said.