18 of the funniest reactions to water leaking into the House of Commons

18 of the funniest reactions to water leaking into the House of Commons

Just when you thought you'd seen it all in parliament this year water has literally started to pour into the House of Commons.

Yes, you've read that correctly. A leak in the roof of the Commons has caused water, presumably rain, to drip into the room where MPs usually sit and debate.

The sitting which was taking place at the time, which was around 3 pm on Thursday afternoon, was quickly suspended and MPs were told to leave with the deputy speaker requesting 'no photographs, please'.

That request fell on some deaf ears as Tory MP Ross Thomson grabbed a quick shot and also made a joke about it not being the first leak in parliament.

Thomson wasn't the only MP to tweet about the Commons newly installed water feature.

Of course, there was the inevitable downpour of Brexit analogies.

Speculation soon started to grow as to who was responsible for the leak.

The Labour Whips' Twitter account also suggested that the leak might have been sewage-related.

The Commons has since been suspended for the rest of the day and the Commons Press Office has confirmed that the matter is being dealt with and that it was not a sewage leak.

This comes just a few days after there was a naked protest held in the Commons. Whatever next?

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