How a British medical student went from 'jack the lad' to terror suspect

Neighbours of the trainee doctor arrested on suspicion of an Islamist murder plot spoke yesterday of his transformation from a football-fixated “Jack the lad” to a devout stranger who railed online against women wearing make up.

Tarik Hassane, 21, had been living in Princess Alice House, part of a west London housing estate, until last year when he decided to travel to Sudan to study medicine.

He used to play football with my son. He used to wear trainers – a bit of a Jack the lad. Then the tracksuit went, then the beard grew. When he was in the lift, people he’d known all his life ... he’d be shy and not talk to them.

  • A neighbour

His student ID

The 21-year-old recently posted a picture on Twitter showing his medical textbooks, suggesting he was in east Africa. On social media he spoke of his satisfaction that by travelling to Khartoum he had been able to secure a place to study medicine in a Muslim country.

An entry under the name Tarik Hassane on the website criticised women for wearing make-up.

The flat (centre, boarded-up) at Princess Alice House near Ladbroke Grove in west London where 21-year-old Tarik Hassane was arrested

Wearing make up outside of the home such as foundation/lipstick etc isn’t really permissible. Covering up has been enjoined upon women for a reason (ie covering their beauty except for their husbands) so wearing make-up kind of defeats the purpose.

  • Tarik Hassane on

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