(Picture: YouTube/BuzzFeed
(Picture: YouTube/BuzzFeed

The College of Optometrists estimates that 69 per cent of people in the UK wear spectacles or contact lenses to help their eye-sight.

But not only are glasses worn for their corrective qualities, so prevalent are they that they've increasingly become a fashion statement.

To track how the fashion for men's specs and sunglasses has changed through history, the team at BuzzFeedVideo has put together a video looking at different styles from the 1930s to the present day.

So while any discerning gent in the 1930s wouldn't be seen dead without a pair of glasses with a round tortoiseshell frame and saddle bridge:

Groovy guys in the 1970s were wearing these funky aviators:

And men in the 1980s have a lot to answer for:

Check out the video below and remember that whatever glasses you choose to wear today, your descendants will probably judge you:

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