Just how much truth is there in this meme about MPs' pensions?

Viral memes tend to be taken with a pinch of salt. After all, you can’t believe everything that crawls onto your Facebook feed, can you?

The following meme, which has been shared widely in recent days, breaks from tradition... because it turns out that the claims are, for once, mostly true.

But the pinch of salt is still needed.

The post has received over 7,000 shares on Facebook and has even made its way to Twitter too.

indy100 spoke to a representative of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (ISPA), who had the following to say:

There are different arrangements, and different rules apply depending on the age of the MP.

So does that mean that some MPs will be able to claim their pension earlier than 66 years old?

There will be a number of MPs who can claim their occupational pensions well before that age.

There is a caveat to this.

Under current measures, you can receive two pensions - the state pension, for which the average age for claiming is 66, and an occupational pension, for which the minimum age for claiming is 55.

This means MPs, like other public sector professionals, can choose to claim their occupational pension earlier than some other members of the public.

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