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The human brain is an incredible instrument – our most powerful organ. Being able to process information unlike other species has allowed us to build civilisations across the world and even take our first forays into space.

But that doesn’t mean our brains are always on point.

Regardless of how clever we are, we all get confused sometimes over things that seem easy. Optical illusions – such as “the dress” – are a perfect example of this.

Another famous optical illusion, entitled “My Wife and My Mother-in-Law” can supposedly reveal how old a person is.

In the photo, people can either see a young woman, turning away, or an older woman looking to the left,

This image became famous after it was published in American humour magazine Puck in 1915.

Now, a study called “Perception of an ambiguous figure is affected by own-age social biases” is relating perception of the image to age. They suggest that young people tend to see the younger woman first, while older viewers will see the older woman.

The study included 393 participants of a variety of ages. It revealed that the youngest 10 per cent and the oldest 10 per cent saw the younger and older woman first respectively. This proves that “age biases affect the initial interpretation of an image at a subconscious level".

So there we have it folks, the science doesn’t lie.


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