Unless you're a professional athlete or zookeeper, it's very likely your job requires you to spend a large portion of the day sitting behind your desk.

Which, let's be honest, can feel a bit unhealthy.

And that's not even taking into consideration all the times we give into Sharon from account's baking addiction.

In fact, according to new research, extensive bouts of sitting is a major factor for all-cause mortality - that's dying of any cause.

There are a few things you can do to help... in addition to scheduling breaks and trying to exercise regularly that is.

Get some beetroot

Research has found that the nitric oxide in beetroot improves circulation instantly, so having a beetroot shot or popping some in your sarnies will help with your metabolism.

Cayenne pepper

This is another ingredient that's sure to get your metabolism firing, so add some into your lunch whenever possible.

Stand whenever possible

We burn more calories standing up, and the only way to defy all the research finding that sitting down all day is bad for us is to mix it up. Do a tea round, or just do a lap around the office once an hour.

Do the double dip

Take ahold of your arm rests, lift your feet a few inches from the floor and tense your stomach. Then, raise your body up from your chair until your arms are straightened out. Hold, then gently lower yourself. Then repeat, for an effective desk workout.

Leg extensions

If you want to up the activity from a quick walk to the kettle. Sit up straight and tense those abs, then lift one leg straight out in front of you, in line with your hip, and with your foot pointing up. Hold for 10 seconds then switch and repeat.

Calf raises

Simply lift your legs and go onto the balls of your feet to help burn calories and build muscle while you work. To make it even more effective, grab something heavy to place on your thighs, such as a couple of books, or whatever you can find lying around on your desk.

Change up your cuppa

Green tea is said to have weight loss benefits, so switch up your daily coffees and hopefully see some results without leaving your desk.

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