Vet’s delight after rescued seal returned to the wild

Injured seal released
Injured seal released
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A RSPCA vet has spoken of her delight as a rescued seal bounded into the sea as she was released back into the wild.

The sick and wounded common seal nicknamed Hubble was found last month at Camber SandsEast Sussex and taken into the care of the RSPCA’s Mallydams Wood Wildlife Centre in Hastings

Injured seal released

The animal rescue officers were concerned for the wellbeing of the seal because of the cuts to her flippers and muzzle and because she was lethargic and failed to move away from people as a healthy seal normally would.

After being examined by vets, the one-year-old female was found to be suffering from the parasitic infection lung-worm.

Now after regaining weight during a month of care, Hubble has been re-released into the sea at Pett Level beach, Hastings, close to a known group of seals which the rescue officers believe she might belong to.

Injured seal released

Vet Joanna Mihr said: “It’s the best feeling to see Hubble return to the wild, it’s what most of us do this job for.

“Hubble went off so quickly, she was really raring to go and wanted to be back in the water, it was nice to see her back where she belongs.”

Ms Mihr said Hubble had already learnt to hunt for herself so would be self-sufficient back in the wild.

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