HuffPost editor says site now has fewer 'white authors' and people on the right aren't happy

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HuffPost is one of the biggest and most widely read news and opinion websites on the internet.

It generally adopts a liberal and left-leaning stance on the issues it covers and that is representative of their pool of writers.

Their current Deputy Opinion Editor, Chloe Angyal, sent out a series of tweets on Wednesday highlight how many female writers and writers of colour the website has published in the last month.

Angyal was keen to promote the fact that the website has published 63 per cent more women and trans women, 53 per cent writes of colour and less than 50 per cent white writes.

The tweets, which were widely shared, should have been seen as a cause for celebration and an encouraging sign that such a huge website is giving women and writers from various backgrounds a voice online.

However, the news was soon picked up by websites of a different political opinion who took objection to the news.

Sites such asFox News, The Washington Times and The Daily Caller all covered the story on their respective websites.

Angyal's tweets soon began to circulate online and a lot of people were not impressed with what they were reading.

Many felt the need to point out that this in itself was a form of discrimination and racism and that writers should be represented regardless of their ethnicity or colour.

Angyal or HuffPost are yet to respond to the criticism.

indy100 have contacted HuffPost for comment.

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