Have you ever wanted to cook a sausage but been without the essentials? Well, if you happen to be a scientist researching a volcanic eruption in Iceland, you don’t need a barbecue, charcoal or anything really... you can just use the lava hardening on the ground.

Researchers in Iceland are currently investigating Mount Fagradalsfjall, the volcano near the capital Reykjavik, which recently began spewing 300,000 cubic metres of lava in the first eruption of its kind in 800 years.

Some scientists were filmed cooking sausages on its lava as they studied the eruption.

“It’s absolutely breath-taking,” Ulvar Kari Johannsson, an engineer told AFP, about the panorama of the surrounding area, lit up with orange glows against the blue-black rock.

People were allowed to come and see the spectacle for themselves on Saturday, but it has been closed to visitors since Monday.

The Icelandic people were prepared for an event like this as the island nation has recorded 50,000 earthquakes recently.

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