Jeremy Corbyn may have regarded it as a non-story, but the most widely-covered aspect of Lord Ashcroft's unauthorised biography of David Cameron reared its head at PMQs.

This was the first prime minister's questions since (widely disputed) claims that a young Cameron had put his genitals into the mouth of a dead pig during a university society initiation ceremony at Oxford surfaced.

True to his word, Labour leader Corbyn refused to mention it, perhaps because it feels like the story came out an age ago now.

But two MPs (one SNP and one Labour) managed to get their pig references in.

Callum McCaig, SNP MP for Aberdeen South, asked for clarity about funding for apprenticeships, and whether it would be another "pig in a poke" (a con trick).

Kevin Brennan, Labour MP for Cardiff West, then specifically asked about another claim in Call Me Dave, which Ashcroft co-authored with journalist Isabel Oakeshott, about Ashcroft's non-dom tax status. The book claims the PM misled the public ahead of the 2010 election, so Brennan asked who has been "telling porkies?".

This isn't quite the new politics Jeremy had in mind.

See you next week.

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