Idris Elba is continuing to troll everyone over James Bond rumours

Idris Elba is continuing to troll everyone over James Bond rumours

Idris Elba is currently the favourite to play the next James Bond and he knows we want the news to be confirmed.

Rumours that he will be the next 007 have been swirling for a while now and it seems Idris is having fun teasing people about this.

This latest tease comes after Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli reportedly announced that the door is open for a non-white actor to play James Bond.

Fanning even more flames to the rumour, Idris Elba was DJing over the weekend at the Elrow Town London Festival and decided to open the set with one particular song.

The song? It was only the James Bond theme tune.

There's been equal measures of joy and horror at the news Idris could become the next bond, taking the mantle from Daniel Craig.

The negative response, which one might expect, start and finish mostly with the fact that Idris is black and it would go against the books to have him as Bond.

Just because James Bond was white in the books, which were written in the 50s, doesn't mean that the person playing him has to be white.

As with most adaptations to books, there are myriad changes to translate it onto the screen and the character of James Bond shouldn't be confined to colour or even gender. Not to mention the fact that the books have provided little to no basis for the films recently.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, change is a good thing and, after 24 Bond films of depicting the same British white guy, this tired franchise is in dire need of a change.

The fact that Idris Elba is black should have nothing to do with it; James Bond is handsome, charming, suave and quick witted so Idris fits the bill perfectly.

If he's not the official James Bond, he's certainly quickly becoming the people's Bond regardless.

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