If you have a penis, stop doing this immediately

Picture: Getty/iStock
Picture: Getty/iStock

If you don't do these things already, well done you. If you do, maybe rethink them.

This article speaks to a small subset, and you know who you are.

If it applies, go away and have a little think about what you've done, then you'll be able to join the rest of the class.

1. Unsolicited pictures of it.

Maybe don't? Who knows what she likes, but if you barely know her it's probably not your junk.

2. Manspreading on a packed train.

If no-one is about at 5.30am on the Victoria line, knock yourself out.

If it's 8.30am on the Northern line, however and the tube is a sardine tin, tuck your legs together and grin and bear it.

You don't deserve more room than anyone else.

3. Saying 'friendzoned'.

You didn't have a god-given right to be a romantic interest in the first place.

You were never banished from anything, you were just never let in. Come to terms with that.

4. Catcalling.

That's not a healthy approach, and when it was tried in reverse no-one profited.

If you're aggressively hollering objectification at someone in the street, that's intimidatory, not flattering.

Also, who is clinging onto that crucial catcalling hookup strategy? How bad are you at talking with women if that's your only gambit?

5. Thinking Photoshop is the norm.

Look around at your mates, are they all cast in the mould of an Adonis?

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Thought not. Keith has a paunch with a paunch doesn't he?

So why are you expecting perfection from your partners?

6. Being entitled.

Studies have shown that men, more than women, are prone to showing traits of entitlement and that they are more likely to exploit people.

It doesn't mean you definitely do, but it does mean you should probably take a step back if you feel undervalued, to weigh things up.

7. Ignoring inequality because it isn't your issue.

Down to the littlest detail like challenging a sexist comment from a friend or putting it at the front of policy-making for your country, you have the capacity to influence others. Use it.

Equal societies are happier societies, after all.

8. Skipping the housework

We're lagging behind as a country. It doesn't take that long.

9. Buying manly male products for men

It's so stupid, why are we buying into this?

These won't make your penis larger and that is a fact.

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