If you want to overturn Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn confirms Labour is not the party for you

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Sunday 07 August 2016 14:20

Amid warnings of recession, political turmoil and rising levels of xenophobia, more than half of people in Britain now think Brexit was the wrong decision.

But unlike the Lib Dems, who have announced they will keep the UK in the EU if they win the next election (whether anyone believes their pledge is a different matter), and unlike rival Owen Smith, Corbyn won't be doing the same.

Reflecting the Conservative prime minister Theresa May's sentiment of "Brexit means Brexit", the Labour leader told the Huffington Post on Saturday:

I think we’ve had a referendum, a decision has been made, you have to respect the decision people made. We were given the choice, we after all supported holding a referendum so we must abide by the decision.

As well as denying that he had been reluctant to campaign in the build up to the referendum, Corbyn said Britain should have a very strong relationship with the EU going forward - pointing to Norway as a good example.

It has happened: the Remain campaign didn’t get the majority, the Leave campaign did so we’ve got to work our way round that.

Well, that's 16,141,241 disgruntled Leavers who may be looking elsewhere...

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