Ignore the attacks, here are fifteen things that Jeremy Corbyn actually believes in

Ignore the attacks, here are fifteen things that Jeremy Corbyn actually believes in

Jeremy Corbyn, the 66-year-old MP for Islington North who has spent his entire parliamentary career on the backbenches, was elected as leader of the Labour party on Saturday.

While the Conservatives have been quick to portray Corbyn as a "threat to national security" with attack ads and scary videos, here's where he really stands on 15 key issues:

1. Education

State schools should be run by local councils and students should be given grants. Children should be able to learn to play a musical instrument or take up acting.

2. Nuclear weapons

The UK's Trident missiles should not be replaced.

3. The deficit

It should be paid off, but by increasing taxes for the rich and clamping down on tax avoidance among other measures, rather than cuts to public spending. A deadline should not be set.

4. Business

The salaries of high earners would be capped.

5. European Union

The UK should stay in the EU, but it should be reformed. He has not ruled out supporting leaving the EU if reforms are not carried out.

6. Nato

Mr Corbyn has previously supported withdrawal from the alliance, but now says a "serious debate" is needed about its powers.

7. The NHS

It should be preserved as a truly national health service with an end to the use of private finance initiatives.

8. Middle East

The UK should talk to militants - terrorists in the eyes of some - in an attempt to bring about peace. Air strikes should not be carried out on Isis in Syria, with action taken to cut off the supply of money and weapons to the extreme Islamist group instead. An arms embargo should be imposed on Israel.

9. The Falkland Islands

Negotiations over a "degree of joint administration" should be held with Argentina, but islanders should be able to remain British.

10. Housing

Private rents should be controlled and linked to local income, more council houses should be built and private tenants should get the right to buy.

11. Northern Ireland

Mr Corbyn is a long-time supporter of a united Ireland.

12. The Queen

Mr Corbyn is a staunch republican but has said he would not push to abolish the monarchy because of other priorities.

13. Refugees

People who are "desperate to get somewhere safe to live" should be allowed into the UK.

14. Railways

They should be renationalised.

15. Energy

Suppliers should be renationalised.

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