Trump now says he 'disagrees' with 'send her back' chant and everyone is making the same point

Trump now says he 'disagrees' with 'send her back' chant and everyone is making the same point

The aftermath of president Trump’s tweets, which told four Democrat congresswomen of colour to “go back” to where they came from, are still being felt across the world.

Following the tweets, a North Carolina rally chanted “send her back” when the president brought up Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

After the remarks and chanting caused outrage worldwide, president Trump insisted he was "not happy" with his supporters' chant to "send her back".

Trump made the remarks in the Oval Office during a meeting with members of Team USA for the 2019 Special Olympics World Games. When asked why he didn't stop the chant, Trump said:

I think I did — I started speaking very quickly.

He then added:

I was not happy with it — I disagreed with it.

But the video of the rally doesn’t show the president making any attempt to interject and halt his supporters. In the video, which has circulated worldwide, the president pausing as the crowd chants.

Asked if he would try to stop these chants the next time, Trump told reporters he would "certainly try”.

Though people have pointed out that Trump is now saying he "disagrees" with people chanting something he actually said first. In his tweets, Trump literally said they should "go back" to the countries that they came from (despite three of the women being born in the USA).

Naturally, people have pointed out how odd it is that he can disagree with something he started.

But if you're expecting an apology, don't hold your breath, because the president is known to avoid apologising at all costs. Sigh.

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