Ilhan Omar calls Trump adviser Stephen Miller a ‘white nationalist’ over ICE policy

Ilhan Omar calls Trump adviser Stephen Miller a ‘white nationalist’ over ICE policy

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar called White House adviser Stephen Miller a ‘white nationalist’ after Miller reportedly advised Trump to move immigration policy in a “tougher direction."

The Minnesota Democrat, and one of the first Muslim women elected to congress, shared an article about the adviser which reported that Miller had influenced Trump’s decision to withdraw his nomination of Ronald Vitiello to be the next head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).

Omar wrote: “Stephen Miller is a white nationalist.”

The fact that he still has influence on policy and political appointments is an outrage.

Miller is an immigration hardliner who was behind the infamous travel ban and family separation at the border, and whose “zero tolerance” immigration policy prompted large groups of protesters to descend on his home.

Some people are blaming Trump’s recent culling of the Department of Homeland Security on Miller.

The president has instructed his chief of staff to fire Director Randolph Alles, marking the latest top official to be forced out of their position.

Kirstjen Nielsen announced that she was leaving her post as the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and at least two more top officials are expected to leave imminently.

Among those in the president’s path are, reportedly L Francis Cissna with US Citizenship and Immigration Services and John Mitnik, the general counsel for the Secret Service.

Donald Trump Jr waded into Twitter to accuse Omar of having “no shame.”

He wrote: “I see that the head of the Farrakhan Fan Club, @IlhanMN, took a short break from spewing her usual anti-semitic bigotry today to accuse a Jewish man of being a “white nationalist” because she apparently has no shame.”

Others defended Omar.

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