Trump Jr said actual war hero Lt. Col. Alex Vindman isn't a hero and it backfired badly

Trump Jr said actual war hero Lt. Col. Alex Vindman isn't a hero and it backfired badly
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In news that won’t surprise you Donald Trump Jr is once again lashing out at somebody that has the audacity to speak out against his father.

This time the president’s son aimed his vitriol towards Lt. Col. Alex Vindman who was appearing before the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.

Vindman, who came to the US from Ukraine as a child before the fall of the Soviet Union is a National Security Council official who has spoken out against Trump and the apparent withholding of military aid in return for Ukraine investigating the Bidens.

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He is also an actual war hero. Having served the US army since 1999, he was awarded the Purple Heart medal after he was wounded whilst under attack during the Iraq War in 2004. Vindman is, without a shadow of a doubt, a man who has put his life on the line for his country and is quite rightly regarded by many as a hero.

Unless you’re Donald Trump Jr of course whom took to Twitter as the hearing began to call into question his heroics by tweeting a link to an article with Lt. Col Vindman’s face as the image along with the words:

Let’s stop pretending every impeachment witness is a selfless hero

Following the tweet he spent the next few hours retweeting and ranting about the hearing at hand before once again aiming towards Vindman.

This time young Donnie said:

Anyone listening to Vindman stammer through this seemingly trying to remember the Catch Phrases he was well coached on should get that. 

He’s a low level partisan bureaucrat and nothing more.

To say that there was backlash towards the president’s son would be an understatement, people didn’t hold back at all.

It's not the first time that Trump Jr has attempted to attack military personnel, despite the fact his family has scant record of having served themselves.

Donald Trump famously avoided military service during the Vietnam War due to somewhat suspicious 'bone spurs', receiving no fewer than five draft deferrals. Trump Jr's great grandfather also emigrated to the US in 1885 specifically to avoid conscription into the Imperial German Army.

Despite this Trump Jr and the president have both repeatedly mocked the late Republican senator and decorated veteran John McCaine, a man who was held for six-years as a prisoner of war.

Of McCaine, the president famously caused outrage by saying:

He's a war hero because he was captured? I like people that weren't captured.

Recently Trump Jr was roundly criticised after he compared losing earnings due to his father becoming president as being similar to the sacrifices made by fallen soldiers. He was also roundly mocked after modelling Trump emblazoned army merchandise whilst also appearing to dribble all over himself.

All in a days work, eh, Donnie?

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