In the Saturday Night Live version of the Oscars, only white people win awards

They are known for delivering a unique blend of sharp, biting satire - and now the Saturday Night Live team have sent up the Oscars in spectacular style.

Or rather the lack of diversity among nominees with a skit suggesting this year's awards are all about celebrating mediocrity.

The sketch focuses on the announcement of the Best Actor gong at the fictional Screen Guild Awards, where it soon transpires all nominees are white actors who have delivered rubbish performances in inconsequential roles.

There's a nod to Straight Outta Compton - which was snubbed by the Oscars despite being widely acclaimed by critics - with the mention of made up biopic 80's Rap group Public Disaster.

But the true genius of the skit comes as the winner is announced.

'ALL THE WHITE GUYS', the host declares the winner(s).


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