People are furious because they think 'snowflakes' have 'cancelled' The Inbetweeners
Chris Hyde / Getty Images

People are furious that The Inbetweeners has been taken off YouTube because of its "offensive" jokes, despite the fact that no one actually knows why the series was deleted.

All of the show's episodes have been removed from YouTube without explanation, although it is likely because of a change to its copyright agreement.

Comedies like Come Fly With Me and Little Britain were recently removed from streaming services by the BBC because of their racist humour and depiction of blackface.

HBO temporarily removed Gone With the Wind from its streaming service, saying that it would be reuploaded with "discussion of its historical context".

People think that The Inbetweeners has followed suit because of "snowflakes" taking offence at its humour.

But others have suggested that the show was likely pulled from YouTube because its streaming rights have been transferred to Britbox.

The Inbetweeners is still available on Britbox as well as All4.

YouTube has denied that it made the decision to pull The Inbetweeners from their platform.

Channel 4 and Britbox have been contacted for comment.

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