Affection flooded the streets of Kolkata, India, as young locals took to the streets with placards offering free hugs to strangers.

Together, they sang songs including 'All You Need Is Love' in response to a recent viral video, which saw a young couple harassed and then forced off of the Kolkata metro. They were kicked and punched by strangers - an attack justified by claims that the young couple were standing too close to one another.

Transport officials have since launched an inquiry, although a lack of CCTV footage has complicated the matter.

Speaking to NDTV, the young 'free hugs' protestors offered their thoughts on the incident:

I am here because I strongly believe in love. Seeing others support and promote love is giving me strength.

This is the Kolkata I grew up in and want to live in. If I meet those attackers, I will give them a heartfelt hug and tell them not to be so angry.

Metro Railway General Manager Ajay Vijayvargijya has since explained that no formal complaints have yet been filed, but he did promise increased surveillance.

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