Netflix’s Insatiable criticised for saying ‘Bi is just a stop on the train to Gayville’

Netflix’s Insatiable criticised for saying ‘Bi is just a stop on the train to Gayville’

People are criticising Netflix’s show Insatiable for a scene that refers to bisexuality as a ‘phase.’

In the ninth episode, characters Bob Armstrong and Bob Barnard discuss sexuality after they kiss, with Barnard attempting to convince Armstrong to explore his sexuality.

He says to Armstrong: '"ell yourself you’re bisexual. We all go through that phase."

Armstrong replies:

Bisexuals are liked demons or aliens. They don’t exist.

Barnard echoes his sentiment: "Totally agree."

Bi is just a stop on the train to Gaysville.

The exchange has left people with a sour taste in their mouths, with many accusing the show of peddling the kind of stereotypes bi people have to fight against every day.

One person on Twitter wrote:

Can we just talk about all the bi-phobia in #insatiable? Literally every time Bob says he’s Bi every other character shoots him down and says he is just gay, how f**king gross. It’s not satire and it’s not funny.

Lots of people online had similar reservations about the show:

However others have pointed out that at the end of the episode, Armstrong apologises and admits that he is bisexual, and say his comments come from internalised biphobia.

Others argue that context is key: this character is married to a woman before he realises he is also attracted to men

However, people are insistant that such comments are damaging for LGBT people, especially bisexual men and women who are struggling with their sexuality.

indy100 has contacted Netflix for comment.

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