These are the countries in Europe where international students want to study the most


Studying abroad can teach you things that you’ll never learn in class.

You get to experience a different culture, escape your bubble of familiarity, and maybe even learn a new language.

But which country should you go to?

Study.EU have compiled their annual ranking of thirty European countries, by their attractiveness to international students.

And Germany comes out on top.

Picture: Picture: Study.EU

The UK is second, with the Netherlands in third.

The list was calculated based on three factors – quality of education, cost, and quality of life & career prospects (with education given them most weight).

Germany topped out the education list.

Picture:Picture: Study.EU

Hungary is the cheapest.

Picture: Picture: Study.EU

And the UK has the best life and career score.

Picture: Picture: Study.EU

Whenever you choose to go, spending a year abroad is sure to be a positive move.

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