Here is a little reminder that Brexit is still an utter shambles...but the Irish are choosing to laugh through the dark times, with an "Ireland Simpsons Fans" meme page that people are finding hilarious.

The memes, which feature everyone from Theresa May to Jacob Rees-Mogg and even a cameo by Nigel Farage, use scenes from The Simpsons to make a mockery of the current Brexit situation.

26-year-old Jack Leahy, from Dublin, created the Facebook page in 2016, which has since garnered well over 74,000 members, and also accumulated 19,000 followers on Twitter, where the page's best content is reposted.

Speaking to the i paper, Leahy says that "the content writes itself", citing memes as a perfect tool to send mocking Brexit messages:

Between this whole mess and the Trump Presidency, we’re witnessing so many fantastical things in such vivid real-time that the creative juices have really been flowing.

The meme has become a powerful way of spreading an idea without having to show deference to the subject – perfect for Irish people who want to mock the Brits without appearing to take them seriously.

In many ways, the increasingly messy Brexit situation is lending itself perfectly to the creative memes, which tend to take on a very pro-EU Irish stance. Leahy agrees:

I do perceive a strong anti-Brexit sentiment, and something of a relief that it’s ‘their’ problem not ours, even though it’s also ours

The memes weren’t quite so intense or interesting when [the Brexit vote] happened, but the utter failure of the process of withdrawing has been comical at times and has really captured attention.

In a strange way, it comes from a place of wishing we weren’t in this situation at all

So... let's dive in, shall we? Here are some of the most popular Brexit memes featured on the Twitter page:

Here's The Simpsons take on the DUP and the border.

And here we have Nigel Farage's cameo, just as promised.

And let's not forget Jeremy Corbyn, who has been doing little to try to save the situation.

And which Simpsons character does the prime minister resemble most? Leahy says:

Theresa May really lends herself to being caricatured as a Simpsons villain. She’s like Montgomery Burns, except the Power Plant has become destabilised and Smithers is a fanatical Brexiteer set to resign from cabinet

But Brexit schadenfreude is not the only thing featured on the page. The page also mocks other political figures, like Donald Trump, current affairs, as well as your average relatable content which is just as funny.

What better way to understand the complexities of the UK's current political disaster than through a Simpsons scene?

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