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Would God vote for Donald Trump?

God doesn't usually air his political discretion, but he's apparently fielded views on the American billionaire with a mighty bolt of lightning, very very frightening. And it's now up to us to work out what he means.

As the Republican presidential front-runner scooped victory on the primary in Illinois, on a day American politics called 'Super Tuesday,' the heavens opened and struck Trump Tower.

Trump was declared the winner of the Chicago debate on Tuesday night at 10pm. About 45 minutes later, the city's skyscraper, a super-condo hotel, was hit.

The lightning bolt was caught on video and posted to Instagram by 'mrmikeyv'.

It was soon spotted by the Boston Globe, but the US newspaper didn't comment on the dark irony. Gawker did, musing that perhaps it was a message of 'eternal damnation' for the divisive candidate. Or, rather than condemnation, a fiery 'endorsement'.

One comment on the image quotes Luke 10:18 from the Bible: 'And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.'

It's all a bit foreboding...

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