GB News host says we should think what ‘Christmas is all about’ amid goods shortages – and people are shocked

T’is the season to be having a good long think “about what Christmas is all about” if you’re concerned about the impact of shortages on this year’s festive period, GB News presenter Isabel Oakeshott has said.

Speaking during her first show on the controversial news channel on Friday, the Brexiteer journalist touched upon concerns raised over supply chains and food shortages, citing a comment by retail analyst Clive Black that Christmas would be a “nightmare” for consumers.

“So this prediction of a nightmare Christmas… really?

“First of all, I do think if your Christmas joy depends on getting a particular type of turkey for lunch, or the latest must-have toy for little Johnny, I would suggest you need to take a long hard look and really have a think about what Christmas is all about.

“Really, there’s not going to be no food in the shops and no toys, and surely a great Christmas isn’t just about whether you can buy a particular brand of this or that, but about family and friends getting together,” Oakeshott said.

The remarks have gone on to spark a strong Twitter debate on the true meaning of Christmas, something we feel is a little bit premature – the same word some of us would use to describe our exit from the European Union in 2016…

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Others criticised her “terrible” use of the autocue:

That bus also made a surprise appearance in the replies:

Despite the initial backlash to her comments under the GB News video, Oakeshott went on to quote tweet the video herself later that day.

“I am right about this, obviously,” she wrote.

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