No matter what they do, Islamophobic trolls keep finding new ways to embarrass themselves.

Just last year there was the couple who tried to "expose Islam" by wearing burkas and entering a mosque – despite mosques being open spaces, free to visit by any member of the public.

Muslims themselves have found a variety of interesting ways of responding to the rampant bigotry, such as spreading rumours about them not being allowed to eat doughnuts.

One man who has perfected the art in responding to online trolls is Muslim lawyer Qasim Rashid.

Qasim, who has open DMs on Twitter, has been sharing how he deals with Islamophobia, and his most recent encounter with racism might be the greatest self-own in history.

An unnamed Twitter user sent him an image of a Quran on fire, but what they didn't realise that this was actually a respectful way to dispose of the religious text.

Qasim kindly let them know and even managed to sneak a meme into his response.

We firmly believe that Mr Khaled would have approved of this use of his now infamous catchphrase.

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According to the educational website ThoughtCo, the correct and respectful way to burn a Quran is in a clean place and that it must be completely burnt, with no words left eligible.

In addition, it should never be burnt with anything else, with the ashes either being buried or scattered in running water afterwards.

Qasim has not shared if the troll responded to Qasim's short religious studies lesson, but the tweet quickly went viral and everyone loved his brilliant put down.

Others pointed out that you can use fire and even burials to dispose of a variety of important items and texts.

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