Israeli army did a 'Friends' spoof video and people aren't happy

Israeli army did a 'Friends' spoof video and people aren't happy

Twitter accounts acting on behalf of Israel are known for some fairly, shall we say, “out there” behaviour.

Remember the time that the Israel’s US embassy used a Mean Girls GIF to troll Iran on Twitter?

This time, Israel’s Army (known as Israel Defence Forces) have taken to Twitter to post a video to mark the 25th anniversary of Friends.

Because in 2019, why wouldn’t that be completely normal?

The clip shows people who are presumably members of the defence force gathering in front of a fountain - a scene made iconic by the Warner Bros sitcom.

The video is controversial because the Israeli Defense Force has an ongoing role in the conflict with Palestinian forces. IDF are often accused of using excessive force against Palestinian protestors and unarmed civilians - an accusation it strongly denies.

But people still aren’t happy about the celebratory tone of the video. On Twitter, it didn’t go down so well…

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