Italian nun stops two women kissing during fashion shoot blaming 'the devil'

An Italian nun stopped two women kissing as part of a photoshoot, and said they were engaging in "the devil's work".

Models Serena de Ferrari and Kyshan Wilson were posing during a shoot in the Quartieri Spagnoli neighbourhood in Naples, Italy for the upcoming third issue of Italy’s Not Yet Magazine, all about art and lifestyle when the nun approached them.

She dragged the women apart as she reportedly screamed: “What are you doing? This is the devil’s work.”

The actors giggled and the nun then approached the camera crew, saying their generation is to blame for Covid before crossing herself and adding: “Jesus, Joseph and Mary.”

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The scene was recorded by makeup artist Roberta Mastalia who told Italian media the nun asked if the team had been to Mass that morning.

“We were on location in the Spanish Quarter in Naples, in a little side street with the two models when all of a sudden the nun walked past,” she said.

“She asked us if we had been to Mass that day and when we said ‘no’ she started blaming young people for the coronavirus and then she saw the two models posing up ready to kiss and that’s when she ran forward to split them up.

“Our first reaction was we were all stunned… [we] took it as a bit of a joke and in fact, you can see from the video the two girls are laughing.”

When Mastalia stressed the team were doing a photoshoot, she said the nun got the hint and “slowly” walked away.

Not what you expect to see in 2022.

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