By most accounts, last night’s ITV debate was a place where balanced discourse, reason and hope went to die.

Nothing quite sums up the absolute futility of the discussion like this clip of Boris Johnson blustering and interrupting Jeremy Hunt in a bullying manner for the best part of a minute, which seems to stretch out into eternity.

While the snippet is best summarised by ITV host Julie Etchingham’s fairly fraught protestation of “Stop, please Mr Johnson”, it’s also worth noting that his friendly “Boris” mask seems to slip somewhat as he talks over his opponent in an increasingly aggressive fashion.

After he'd finished repeatedly hammering Jeremy Hunt to answer a question and then refusing to let him answer, Mr Hunt then turned this back on him and made a salient point:

Because Boris never answers the question, we’ve got absolutely no idea what a Boris premiership would be about.

People showed their disgust on Twitter.

It did, however, give many a sense of relief that they had missed the debate.

Others feared for the future of the nation.

Boris Johnson remains the bookies' favourite to become Britain's next prime minister.

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