Ivanka Trump asks why it took months for action to be taken on the killing of Ahmaud Arbery and people did not hold back

Ivanka Trump has spoken out after two men were arrested for the death of Ahmaud Arbrey, who was fatally shot while jogging in Brunswick, Georgia in February.

Both Gregory and Travis McMichael, who are father and son, were taken into custody on Thursday evening on charges of murder and aggravated assault.

The case has received widespread attention in the past few days after a video fo Arbrey being shot emerged on social media.

It is claimed that the McMicahels believed Arbrey to a burglar who had recently targeted their local area and they had attempted to make a citizen's arrest.

Neither men were initially charged with the attack but they have seen been brought into custody after the aforementioned video went viral.

President Trump has said during an appearance on Fox & Friends that the case was "troubling" and that the Georgia governor, Brian Kemp and local law enforcement will be looking into it "very strongly."

The president's daughter and White House adviser, Ivanka Trump, also spoke out against the murder and also asked why it had taken so long for any action to be taken, while also thanking Kemp.

Ivanka's question yielded some passionate responses with many urging her to look at the rhetoric that her father sometimes uses at his rallies and his failure to condemn white supremacists for their violent actions.

Kemp has added that an independent investigation will be launched into the case, with law enforcement 'ready to ensure justice is served.'

Speaking to CNN on Friday, Marcus Arbery, Ahmaud's father, expressed the family's relief at the arrest and described the murder as a "lynching."

He was a very good young man. His heart was just bigger than life.

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