Ivanka Trump might actually have a sense of humour and no one can believe it
Twitter / @diljitdosanjh

US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump gets a lot of mockery online.

Remember when she misunderstood the concept of birthdays? And also the plot of Star Wars?

But it seems that she’s also quite a good sport. After all, you’d have to develop a thick skin if Donald Trump was your dad...

The president’s daughter and closest adviser went on Twitter to thank a Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh whose memes featuring photos of her became a viral sensation.

Dosanjh posted hilarious images where he photoshopped himself next to Ivanka during her Taj Mahal visit. She wrote: "It was an experience I will not forget!"

More pictures of Dosanjh with Ivanka in different positions also emerged, such as riding on the back of a bike. Ivanka​ then shared these photoshopped versions of her Taj Maha pictures and thanked "Indian people" for their warmth. She wrote: "I made many new friends!"

If it wasn't for her white supremacist-sympathising father, we'd almost find it in our hearts to approve of Ivanka's tweets. But alas, we still don't stan.

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