Ivanka Trump tweeted about World Refugee Day and missed something very obvious

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On World Refugee Day, Ivanka Trump posted a timely message in support of the 22 million refugees worldwide, praising their strength and courage, and calling for an end to the current crisis.

Under any other presidency, this would be exactly the sort of thoughtful and compassionate statement you might expect from a first daughter.

But her father is Donald Trump - a president who has repeatedly claimed that refugees are a threat to the United States, tirelessly tried to impose a travel ban on all migrants from several Muslim majority countries, and suspended the American refugee programme in his first month in office.

Inevitably, Twitter users were quick to point out the irony of Ivanka’s tone-deaf tweet, with many posts referring to her father’s attitude towards refugees.

One user wrote: “Are you serious right now?! You tweeting you care about refugees while your father is actively screwing them.”

The 35-year-old businesswoman and current presidential adviser has differing views from her father towards Syrian refugees. In an NBC interview in April, Ms Trump said the United States should admit more refugees from Syria – a pointed departure from her father’s populist rhetoric calling for a total ban.

World Refugee Day, held every year on 20 June, is a day of global observance for the millions of people worldwide forced to flee their homeland as a result of war or natural disasters.

Donald Trump has yet to make any acknowledgment of the occasion on his own Twitter account. But given the reaction to his daughter’s message, perhaps that’s just as well.

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