On Sunday, the United States witnessed two mass shootings in the space of a few hours, where gunmen shot dead 29 people in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio respectively.

It proved to be another sobering moment for the country and further calls for stricter gun regulations were made. In response, Donald Trump posted several tweets condemning the attacker and sending his thoughts to the victim's families.

Following on from her father, Ivanka Trump also strongly condemned the attacks and interestingly called 'white supremacy' a form of 'terrorism' and an 'evil that must be destroyed' at all costs.

The alleged shooter in El Paso, who is named Patrick Crusius is believed to have posted a 'white supremacy manifesto' online just a few days before the shooting took place.

Although Ivanka's message was no doubt coming from the right place, people couldn't help but point out that it felt a little false given that her father has made racist statements in the past few weeks and also publicly refused to condemn white supremacists after they committed other acts of violence.

Predictably many of the replies to Ivanka's tweet asked her to maybe talk to her old man.

Others have accused her of being complicit in her father's actions and not doing enough to call out his rhetoric which some feel lead to devastating acts of violence like we saw on Sunday.

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