Rally in support of Jan 6 rioters mercilessly mocked as more journalists show up than Trump fans

Rally in support of Jan 6 rioters mercilessly mocked as more journalists show up than Trump fans

A rally held in Washington DC on Saturday to honour those being prosecuted for taking part in the shocking Capitol riot on 6th January has been mocked on social media as reporters and police officers easily outranked those in attendance.

It was a much more subdued scene in the US capital on Saturday compared to what happened on 6th January as the lacklustre ‘Justice for J6’ rally failed to bring in the crowds.

Police in Washington were said to be expecting around 700 to 1000 people to show up but it looked like the number was nowhere near that as images so that the Trump supporters who were there were pale in comparison to the amount of law enforcement and journalists who were present. Local police say that 400 to 450 people, including media, were present on Saturday in the designated area.

It would appear that even a counterprotest, that held an event one mile away failed to draw in the numbers on what proved to be an uneventful day in Washington DC. Even the notorious Proud Boys had discouraged their followers from showing up to the gathering.

The event, which was organised by ‘Look Ahead America’ which is run by former Trump campaign aid Matt Braynard, was to stand up for “patriotic Americans who have been forgotten by our government.”

However, according to Rolling Stone, a right-wing conspiracy spread online warning people that the event could be a ‘false flag’ and that the FBI was attempting to entrap people into committing acts of violence.

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Of course, none of this happened but it still caught the attention of Trump who was presumably glad to see that a handful of his supporters had decided to show up anyway and continued to push theories that the 2020 election was rigged in a statement and the 6th January rioters.

Regardless, the paltry attendance at the rally provoked much mockery and ridicule on Twitter.

In a bizarre turn, Donald Trump Jr took to spreading the aforementioned entrapment conspiracy and started to mock people who he had deemed to be undercover police officers and accused Joe Biden of spending more time on this than Afghanistan.

Well, at least someone dressed as Batman showed up.

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