Fury as Jacob Rees-Mogg caught on camera cracking jokes about alleged Downing Street party

Jacob Rees-Mogg has sparked outrage after appearing to make jokes about the alleged Downing Street Christmas party.

The scandal erupted after staff were accused of holding a Christmas party last December when tier 3 lockdown rules banned indoor gatherings.

A leaked video obtained by ITV News shows the former Downing Street press secretary Allegra Stratton laughing about “cheese and wine” and saying there was no social distancing.

Now, leader of the House of Commons Rees-Mogg has stoked the flames after footage emerged of him joking about the Christmas party scandal.

In the footage, filmed by someone in the crowd, Rees-Mogg is seen addressing an audience from a podium where he pokes fun at the outrage caused by his government.

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Rees-Mogg said: “I see we’re all here obeying the regulations, aren’t we? I mean this party is not going to be investigated by the police in a year’s time.”

Notably, someone in the packed crowd can be heard coughing as his sarcastic comment is met with laughter.

He continued: “You are all very carefully socially distanced. We’ve moved, I’m pleased to tell you, from the metric back to the imperial system.

“And I know you’re all at least two inches away from each other, which is, as I understand it, what the regulations require during the social distancing period.”

Rees-Mogg’s mocking response to the scandal has been met with anger by many who feel the government is laughing at them.

One person said: “Incandescent doesn’t describe it adequately. Who on earth do these people think they are?”

Another infuriated commenter wrote: “They’re laughing at you, they’re laughing at your dead family members they’re laughing at your dead friends they’re laughing at those who mentally struggle with this bulls***.

“Yet people carry on to listen. Every single one of these parasites must be held accountable. F***** scum.”

Someone else said: “Every single one of them repulse me!!”

One person wrote: “All the poor people who lost their lives to Covid whilst they guffaw at the Xmas shindig we couldn’t have !!!”

Downing Street has spent a week denying that the party took place.

At Wednesday’s PMQs, Johnson said he was “furious” at the leaked video and apologised “unreservedly”. He again claimed there was no party, but said he had ordered an investigation and that disciplinary action may be taken.

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