Jacob Rees-Mogg accused of sexism over ‘disgraceful’ comments about Nicola Sturgeon

Iana Murray
Friday 29 January 2021 13:07

Jacob Rees-Mogg is being denounced for calling Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon “Moan-a-lot”.

The Tory minister attacked Sturgeon after she said that Boris Johnson’s visit to Scotland was “non-essential travel” that goes against coronavirus guidelines.

In response, Rees-Mogg launched insults at the First Minister.

“I used to think ‘Moan-a-lot’ was a fictional character, but it turns out it’s actually the First Minister of Scotland,” he said in the House of Commons. “All Mrs Sturgeon can ever do is moan a lot. She moans when distinguished personages visit Scotland, she moans when the Prime Minister visits Scotland.”

He continued by saying that “‘Moan-a-lot’ will have something to moan about in early February when Salmond gives evidence to a committee of inquiry in the Scottish Parliament”.

A spokesperson for the First Minister responded, saying that Rees-Mogg’s comments are only “helping support for independence to keep on rising”.

Others have also condemned his comments as “arrogant”, “offensive” and “disgusting”.

Others suggested the insult was gendered, accusing him of sexism.

The Prime Minister’s day-long trip to Scotland included a visit to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital campus and a vaccination centre in Glasgow.