The argument that has erupted between Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon over the border between Scotland and England has gone even further.

It's gone so far that it's even drawing comparisons with Donald Trump.

Scotland's first minister is refusing to rule out potentially imposing quarantine rules upon anyone who travels to Scotland from elsewhere in the United Kingdom which drew the ire of Johnson, who lashed out during Wednesday's PMQs falsely claiming that there is no border between England and Scotland:

There have been no such discussions with the Scottish administration about that but I would point out to what he knows very well – there is no such thing as a border between England and Scotland.

Sturgeon didn't take long to fire back, pointing out that if this was true then there would be no jurisdiction on her powers as first minister:

What there definitely is, is a geographical boundary to my powers as First Minister. If the Prime Minister is questioning that now, I’m not sure what he would say if I pitched up in Newcastle and started to try to implement Scottish Government policies in Newcastle.

And see what I’ve just said there? It’s absurd too, which is why we shouldn’t be having these discussions. We should all be focusing with an absolute laser-like focus on what we need to do within our own responsibilities and working together when necessary to stop a virus.

Now, Jacob Rees-Mogg has waded into the argument and brazenly compared Sturgeon to Donald Trump for trying to build a 'metaphorical wall' between England and Scotland. The leader of the House of Commons said on Thursday:

I notice that Nicola Sturgeon wishes to have a wall, perhaps she is modelling herself on other leading political figures between England and Scotland. But as my right honourable friend said, there is no border between England and Scotland and it was shameful to call for a border of that type of kind to be erected and stop people travelling freely between the constituent parts of the United Kingdom. One never thought Nicola Sturgeon would want to model herself on American political figures and want to build a wall, at least a metaphorical wall if not like Hadrian, with the bricks and mortar.

A bit of a word salad there from Rees-Mogg, but we're pretty sure that Sturgeon never called for a wall to be erected between England and Scotland and why does he also believe that there isn't a border there. The government have access to maps, right?

We doubt that we've heard the last of this argument especially as venues like pubs and resturants are opening across parts of the UK on Saturday but if Sturgeon were to build a wall we'd bet that she'd be able to do it quicker and more efficient than Trump has who is still let to complete the barrier between the US and Mexico that he promised his supporters four years ago.

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