Jacob Rees-Mogg said that proroguing parliament is 'a completely normal procedure' and people aren't buying it

Given how chaotic of the past 24 hours of British politics have been its not surprising that Jacob Rees-Mogg has been popping up here there and everywhere to defend the proroguing of parliament.

The Tory MP and cabinet member has been giving interviews to practically every media outlet going including BBC Breakfast, The Today Programme, Good Morning Britain and LBC Radio.

However, an interview that he gave to Sky News yesterday after an audience with the Queen at Balmoral has really set the tone for what possibly lies ahead for Britain.

When asked if the government would be facing any sort of legal challenge over the decision, the 50-year-old tried to downplay the situation and responded by saying:

The courts will come to their decision but this is a completely normal procedure.

He would later go on to claim that Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament wasn't undemocratic and repeated that the PMs actions were the 'normal functioning's of our constitution.'

During his Radio 4 appearance, he also referred to the criticism of the government's decision as a 'candyfloss of outrage.' Yes, that is a real thing that a grown man said.

These amazing statement by Rees-Mogg hasn't exactly eased people's worries about Brexit and this as well as his other media appearances have seen him roasted all over again.

HT Sky News

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