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By now we've seen our fair share of chaotic press conferences but we don't think we've ever seen one which was overshadowed by a bin lorry.

That's what happened on Wednesday when conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman and alt-right activist Jacob Wohl held a 'press conference' to respond to allegations that they have made against presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

The claim? That the Democrat, who is openly gay, had committed sexual assault.

The pair were later ridiculed after people began to accuse them of fabricating the whole thing. Then things went from bad to worse after they were ridiculed for apparently organising a protest against themselves.

Despite the press conference, where they promised to present footage of Buttigieg's assault,' already being dismissed as nonsense, the two went ahead and held the event, not in a purpose-built conference room but outside of Burkman's home in Washington DC.

It went as well as you would have expected, as they attempted to convince reporters that their footage from the Mayflower Hotel in the US capital showed Buttigieg committing a crime. They also presented apparent travel documents that showed that Buttigieg had been in the hotel at that time.

However, whatever the two were trying to promote in their attempts to smear Buttigieg soon became entirely irrelevant and descended into a comedy sketch, after a bin lorry showed up and collected the rubbish outside the house and drowned out whatever they were trying to say, which this footage from journalist Alex Thomas shows.

Seriously? Do they not know what days their bins are collected?

This completely ridiculous and farcical moment has since gone viral and has been viewed over one million times on Twitter and people can't get enough of it with many asking why Wohl and Burkman didn't go with the bin men.

Some wanted the iconic Curb Your Enthusiasm music to start playing.

Nobody appears to have met that request yet but here is a version with the end credit music from Veep.

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