If you're looking to while away two minutes this afternoon in a way that feels both productive and deeply fascinating, then you've come to the right place.

This clip of the British broadcaster, historian and all-around legend James Burke, who is well known for his work on Tomorrow's World, talking about the future in 1985, has gone viral - and we can see why.

Taking to Twitter, user Gary Brannan shared the clip that was taken from the first episode of Burke's popular TV programme Connections, taken from the episode 'The Day the Universe Changed', alongside the tweet:

James Burke also did this - possibly the most prescient bit of TV ever produced.

It explains, in < 4 minutes, exactly why technology has brought us to the current, turbulent situation in which we live today. Watch it.

In the clip, he talks about how the internet will change the world forever, including its impact on politics, education, news, and public discourse - and in the process, he absolutely hits the nail on the head.

In part of it, he says:

You might, with that and much more, break the mould that's held us back since the beginning. 

In a future world that we would describe as balanced anarchy. 

And they will describe as an open society, tolerant of every view, and where there is no single, privilaged way of doing things, and above all, do away with the biggest tragedy of our era, the centuries old waste of human talent that we couldn't, or wouldn't use. 

Utopia? Why. If, as I've said all along, the Universe is what you say it is, then say. 

Deep stuff. Hang in there and dust off your BA philosophy degrees.

The clip went down a treat on social media.

Think Adam Curtis on steroids.

Others lamented a time gone past.

And gave Brian Cox an unfavourable comparison.

Others just enjoyed the experience of having their little minds completely blown.

And said that when they watched it at the time, they had no idea of its prescience.

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