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In the latest development in the drama between YouTube heavyweights Tati Westbrook and James Charles, the 19-year-old makeup artist released a 41 minute video called No More Lies.

He addressed all of the allegations levelled against him in Tati’s BYE SISTER video, in which she made claims that Charles wasn’t loyal, and that he attempted to “manipulate” heterosexual men’s sexuality using his fame.

The 19-year-old spoke extensively about the broken relationship between him and Tati, as well as another famous YouTuber-turned-makeup-artist, Jeffree Star.

On trying to sort out the issue privately

James said that he had attempted to get in contact with Westbrook and her husband on numerous occasions to discuss the Sugar Bear Hair incident. He said that multiple phone calls and text messages went unanswered, and it was for this reason that he decided to post an initial apology to Tati on Instagram.

The Coachella thing

One of the first things Charles did was address the Sugar Bear Hair incident. In her video, Westbrook said that she had been upset and felt betrayed after he posted a video about using the hair vitamins after she released her own. She added that she didn't believe Charles' reasoning - that he felt unsafe at Coachella and reached out to Sugar Bear Hair for help. "Despite what Tati said, this was not a big scheme that orchestrated beforehand," he said.

He also posted multiple clips from past YouTube videos he made in which he promotes her hair product, mentioning them on lots of social media channels and refuting her claim that he never supported her in that way.

On Tati's claims that he "manipulates" straight men

Charles went to great lengths to explain, using screengrabs of conversations he had, that he doesn't manipulate straight men. He said:

I am a 19-year-old virgin. I have never and will never use my fame, money, or my power to manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy. That is disgusting. That is not me. The fact that Tati brought this up blows my mind.

Tati talked about an alleged incident between him and a boy called Sam, who she claimed was a straight man Charles had attempted to manipulate. Charles provided screengrabs of his conversation with the waiter, leading up to and after they met up in his hotel room. He provided a screengrab of a statement from Sam that appears to confirm he is bisexual.

James also showed that Sam reached out to him first, said he was bisexual, to which James replied "You don't have to do anything [sexual]" after he said he was nervous.

On James DMing singer Zara Larsson's boyfriend

James admitted he direct-messaged Larsson's boyfriend, though he didn't know he had a girlfriend, and said it was hypocritical and dangerous to LGBT+ people to call his behaviour predatory.

Charles pointed out that when he direct-messaged a straight man he found attractive, he was labelled a "sexual predator" but when Zara Larsson tweeted her now boyfriend a topless photo of him with the caption: "Who are you where do you live how old are you why are you so fine how do you like your eggs cooked in the morning?" her words were celebrated.

On Jeffree Star

James had contacted Jeffree Star after Westbrook's video came out as he kept being tagged in shady tweets written by the makeup artist.

A back-and-forth followed, and Star made a number of allegations against Charles and accused him of trying to "trap" Sam in his hotel room, and of trying to "molest and touch" YouTuber Greyson Dolan in his sleep, ending the text with "you need the Internet taken away from you, you are a danger to society."

Charles refuted these claims too, and said the flirting between James and the Dolan Twins had been "pre-planned for the videos" and he insisted he has never done anything inappropriate with either boys.

People don't know what to make about these new development

But they're loving the 'tea'

Some are calling James' response video the 'Thanos Undo Snap'

James Charles lost over five million followers after Westbrook's initial video, and he has gained some three million followers back, to his fans' delight

And some argue that the narrative that Charles is a 'predator' is homophobic

Other people online don't really know what the drama is about

You can watch the extensive video, below:

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