James O'Brien properly goes off on one on caller moaning about his son's school

James O'Brien properly goes off on one on caller moaning about his son's school

A caller to James O'Brien's LBC radio phone-in show got more than he bargained for on Wednesday when the host went into an incredible rant over the man's complaint.

The man - known only as Martin - called the show to explain that he'd just returned from a holiday in Corfu with his son during term-time.

Because his company determines when he can or cannot take holiday, Martin had to seek special permission through the school so as to avoid being fined.

The school explained that it would be OK to take his child on holiday if he had written confirmation from his company.

But after sending the letter to the school, the caller felt irked that those educating his son had the temerity to make a phone enquiry to the company just to confirm everything.

The school then rang my company and started questioning my company thinking that between me and my company, we were lying.

Who the hell do the school think they are to ring a parent's work and question something?

Cue a shouty-ranty O'Brien:

No, no. Nonsense, mate. You're a winner. You've won. What are you moaning about, man?

Martin, you've gone mad! They're trying to establish whether or not you should be able to go on holiday because not everybody's honest.

I could go upstairs now and take home a box of LBC-branded note paper and send it to the school saying 'James O'Brien is handcuffed to the studio, if he's not allowed to go on holiday in the middle of term-time the radio station's going to collapse, 640,000 people will have an enormous gap in their mornings at 10 o'clock. There'll probably be rioting on the streets, suicides, all sorts of self-harm if the fella's not allowed.'

I could write that myself. Are you saying the school shouldn't check?

If this is the standard of enlightenment the lad's getting at home maybe he should be in school 52 weeks a year!

Listen to the whole thing below:

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