Shop realises making staff wear a badge when they’re on their period was a bad idea

Friday 29 November 2019 11:30

WWD Japan recently reported that a store in Osaka was encouraging employees to wear badges to say they were on their periods.

The report caused quite a stir, with people either agreeing that it would help to dispel stigma, or saying that they wouldn’t want to encourage abuse by sharing the information.

The store, Michi Kake, is a women’s health store that sells products like menstrual cups and period pants. It seems a relatively safe space to have that kind of conversation, but still, the decision was divisive.

A representative for Michi Kake has now told the BBC that they are rethinking the policy due to the mixed responses from the world.

For many, periods and associated health issues are a difficult topic to broach, and more open conversation in the workplace may help to do away with that stigma somewhat.

It’s unclear whether Michi Kake will do away with the scheme entirely. The representative said, “It was never the intention to share the menstrual information with their customers.” Reportedly, the badges were actually suggested by employees themselves.

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